Hello, Welcome to our Cakely store.


We tell our stories in Cakes, but we shall make an exception this time and write a few words.

Started in 2015, Cakely Uganda has grown into a premier brand for all types of Cakes. The journey has been one to savour, you are welcome to walk it with us. Ever since we decided to try out the experiment called baking, one drive has always been to give our clients something beautiful for their big days. It has not changed. We are inspired and always challenged to new horizons and we gladly take the leap each time. Cake is art, it is passion, it is love it is the moment. We just want to celebrate with you, whatever the reason. 

With amazing offerings, a happy clientele and a dedicated staff, Cakely Uganda aspires to simply make your special moments tasty, memorable and sweet. Cakes come in all forms and functions. We have done almost all of them. 

Some facts about us; 

  • We are allergic to bad cakes 
  • Our customers must be happy or we make them happy
  • We just don’t do bad stuff 
  • We Bake
  • Worldwide clientele
  • What else do you want to know?

You want to meet the team? Buy Cake!

Let’s have Cake, even for just. It’s worth it – Always.

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